Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sponge Bob, Tony Blair, and James Bond

So apparently people are killing stingrays in revenge for Steve Irwin. Strewth! I hardly think Steve would approve of that behaviour. I mean he always let the crocodiles go free. The Crocs were never quite the same again though, star struck by Irwin.

Its like the story about the Squirrel Monkey, Sponge Bob escaped recently and was recaptured, his fellow monkeys wont accept him back. Maybe they thought it was a bit crowded on the swinging tyre anyway. You'd think that he'd come back and be the toast of the town with all the stories he could tell about life outside the cage. Maybe he had been aping the delinquents on the Housing Estate he was found on. He came back throwing crap, biting people, picking flees, grooming, it was just unacceptable to his shocked monkey friends. Maybe they also disapproved of him taking part in those PG Tips Tea adverts dressed in a mumu. So respect goes out to Steve Irwin, he had a good character and seems like as stereotypical an Aussie as you could imagine.

And Michael Caine must be one of the most stereotypical Cockneys, you can imagine. Anyone see Jaws Revenge with Michael Caine, that film was ridiculous, but like most of the movies Caine is in, he is the best thing about them. He has a new film called The Prestige, with Christian Bale, Scarlet Johanson and the director of Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan. Its about 2 rival magicians, also in the film is David Bowie, should be interesting. Michael Caine, born Maurice Mickelwhite, is one of the few British screen legends.

Speaking of legends, Martin Scorsese has a new film coming out soon called The Departed, starring Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Sheen, Ray Winston. So all in all just about as good a cast as you can get.

So we've past the anniversary of 911, 5 years on, a terrible event in history. Also alarming for me was a headline millions starving in Afghanistan.

Blair travels a lot try to solve the worlds problems, I guess he sees himself as bit of a showman, or a great persuader, probably his real strength. He would have been a good car salesman, he could throw in car mats and a road map to peace. Charles Kennedy former Lib Dem leader would have been a good mechanic, he knows what its like when piston broke, and he'd charge extra for Labour.

Blair travelled to Palestine the other day, hes the only guy who flies out there to get away from his troubles. And Gordon Brown crying on TV, well its his party and he'll cry if he wants too!

And heres a totally random movie trailer, for the new Bond film, Casino Royale, Let us know what you think! I think it rocks!