Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another Groovy Post!

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b L Ozarkland: O G for Grenier and Garage Stencil Letter S
So in the news this week, China launches a missile into space, at the same time saying they are opposed to the militarisation of space. The US have their Star Wars Defense System, but It’s Space Balls.

So UK Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jade Goody has been voted out of the house for what were deemed to be racist comments. Well the gemstone Jade was originally used as axe heads, knives and other weapons in the stone age. Which is perhaps where her mentality is.

There have been complaints that Simon Cowell has been too cruel recently on American Idol. When has he ever not been that way. Though you’d think if someone loosened those chest high trousers, the blood might run to his brain a little better.

The Prince Of Wales is making a 7,000 mile trip to New York to collect his Global Environmental Citizen award from Al Gore. Isn’t that ironic. And since when was Charles a citizen, can’t remember the last time he went to Wal-Mart. And where are all the green wheelie bins outside Buckingham Palace, I don’t see him sifting through the cardboard, and glass etc. You’d think being divorced he'd be good at separating.

Speaking of the monarchy, a British Historian Sarah Poynting, has discovered a secret code in a love letter written by Charles I. The letter was written in 1648, while Charles was imprisoned in Carisbrooke castle. The message he encrypted, was “I imagine that there is one way possible that you may get a swiving from me.” The word swiving was a word used for sex in the 17th century. So the findings aren’t exactly the holy grail, but it shows the King liked to have swiving good time.

Incredibly an American man has survived a fall from 17 floors, out of the window of a hotel. He had been out drinking and when running down the corridor crashed through the hotel window in Minneapolis. He was smashed literally. God knows what he had been drinking, Sex on the beach, Harvey Wallbanger, Elbow in the Boobs, or a Vertigo Wallslammer perhaps. If he’d asked for it on the rocks it could have been more painful, he was certainly shaken and stirred with several broken bones, but he did survive.

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