Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Website, Bill Gates, and Angelina Jolie

This site I found allows you to donate food to the poor simply by clicking!http://thehungersite.com/

Its got to be good karma right, and the best thing is it doesn't cost you a penny! You can only click once a day, so might as well click your joints if you must click more. Though you shouldn't really do that at all. At least not in polite company or on national TV.

I heard a statistic that 50% of the worlds wealth is owned by 1% of the population or something crazy like that. Charity begins at home they say, that's if your lucky enough to have a home.

Theres that thing where they say it wouldn't be worth a rich mans while, lets say Bill Gates, to pick up a dollar if he dropped it. But surely he could get a fine for littering, that would damage his reputation, and send Microsoft's shares tumbling. Theres a lesson for you if you ever drop a dollar bill, Bill! And you heard it here first.

Wonder if hes counting his money now, or perhaps hes developing program, maybe hes emptying out his virtual trash can. If he had told his wife what he'd be doing with his life when they first met, i.e. selling windows, helping people empty their trash cans, she might have thought twice. Maybe hes playing with his gadgets, the Xbox 360 maybe, c'mon someone has to be playing that machine. Anyone?

It would be great to be on a famous persons email list then they fwd you funnies that have been around the Hollywood jet sets in box's. Roman Abramovich would give you as many forwards as you want, ask Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho. Angolina Jolie @ google.com or is it femailtogoggle@. Wouldn't want Ann Robinson's email she'd give you the weakest links.

The new film 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan' looks good. Speaking of Kazakhstan, Anousheh Ansari, the first female paying space tourist landed back there after a 10 day trip at the cost of $20 million. She must like roller coaster rides because G-forces must have been incredible. I mean what do you get for your money, a great view, and being stuck in a tin can with a cosmonaut and astronaut and Jason and the Argonauts.

Although after spending $20 million Id be determined to have a good time, no matter who I was with. Also the feeling of weightlessness, must be because she doesn't have any change left in her pockets now. Wonder if she was disappointed there weren't any shops up there. Imagine the view once you get up there, Earth, the stars, the depleting ozone layer, and Bill Gates house.

British TV personality Noel Edmonds, host of Deal Or No Deal told this week how he drove at 186mph in his Ford GT40 years ago, and nearly crashed at a round about. Russel Crowe was annoyed at suggestions for him to play Steve Irwin in a movie of his life. He could play Noel Edmonds but I think that would be No Deal as well.

Talking about people talking tall, footballer, Peter Crouch's home was ransacked this week while he was playing for Liverpool in the Champions League. So look out for anyone with shorts reaching to their ankles and clown size shoes. TV host Des Lynam is quitting daily quiz show, Countdown at the end of this year. Rumour was he couldn't live up to Richard 'twice nightly' Whitely, and the only figures he could cope with was co host Carol Vordermans.

Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson were pictured at a party this week. Perhaps they were sharing tips on the ladies, or illegitimate children, maybe Mick said I cant get no satisfaction, and Jack said here's a Jonny. After they went to Chinatown, maybe they went on to dancing in the street. Maybe when Jack put brown sugar in his tea Mick said your a joker!

If MTV Cribs featured George W. Bush's book shelf it would probably feature The Green Cross Code rather than the Da Vinci Code, and How to train your poodle. Maybe also The Dummys Guide To Running A Democracy. In Saddam Hussein's house they might find How To Lose Friends And Annihilate People.

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