Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Joe Blog's Interview #99 One Red Paperclip

Name : Kyle MacDonald
Age : 27
Location : Canada
Vocation : Guy
Philosophy : Deep thought and lots of thinking.

Sum up what your blog is about.
How I traded from one red paperclip to a house.

Why are you doing your blog?
Because I had a red paperclip, but wanted a house.

What's the funniest entry on your site?
This one, Still Don't Know Who These Guys Are

What is your writing style?
Fast. Oh, so very fast. I need speed. My hair is literally pasted against my scalp right now. I 'm in fifth gear, flooring it. The keyboard can't believe it. It's really extreme.

What do people commonly say about your site?
Well, I'm not really sure, but the funniest thing people say is: "I'll trade you a blue paperclip for your house!"

What would you be doing if you weren't doing your blog?
I'd probably move to Northern Alberta and pull petroleum products from the earth to make as much money as possible and then spend it in the most outrageous ways imaginable.

Why should someone visit your site?
It is nice. I also plan to pay every visitor a few dollars just to swing on by.

What did you learn from your first love?
I learned to love Monster Ballads by 1980s hair bands such as White Lion, Europe, and The Underdog Project.

Are there any blogs, you enjoy reading?
Colin Pearson

If you could invite anyone to a dinner party who would it be and why?
Al Roker. I want to shake his hand. Again.

You traded up from a paperclip to a house, what are you currently trading?
My time to answer a questionnaire.

Do you see yourself as a lucky person?
Yes, but not nearly as lucky as this woman

Tell us about a good deed you have done recently.
I gave this bloke 100 dollars, click here

Tell us a random funny story that comes to mind.
Wow, tough question! But I think I have one. Well, this one time, after a long an arduous journey, I traveled to Quebec and surprisingly enough, bumped into the legendary Retired Movie Star Dave Leroux. After drinking copious amounts of wine, I finally garnered enough courage to approach RMSDL and managed to coax a few minutes out of his busy schedule! Amazingly, we sat together in a pine restaurant booth, and over a steaming plate of delicious poutine we discussed, among other things, fame, fortune, retirement, and our wild youth. It was so random! And really funny!

What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?
In five years you will answer question from a man named Matt Clarke. Prepare for it. Or else.

Any interesting travel stories?
No, not really.

What's the most incredible thing that ever happened to you?
I shook Al Roker' s hand.Now it's your turn!

Ask me one question, anything you like.

Are you a leader in the field of excellence?

Joe Blogs : I've been called many things but unfortunately not that. Yet. Who'd have thought stationary could be so lucrative. I think you'd make a great ruler. Check out Kyle's Blog for his incredible story.

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