Thursday, July 03, 2008

Any Offers?

Having declined £50 for this site, I was interested to read an old guest on here was looking to trade his house. Yes thats right Kyle MacDonald, the man who traded a paperclip for a house, is now trading up again.

Also interviewed in The New York Post, this quote shows you his thoughts after the whole exprience, "It's about what possibilities are out there," he says. "We look at the world and go, 'That's the way it is.' But there's no one way the world is."

I contacted Kyle to see if he'd accept my trade.

Joe Blogs : The whole concept of One Red Paperclip is obviously an ingenius idea you had that grew and grew. Whats been the second most successful idea you have come up with apart from One Red Paperclip, or does nothing else come close?

Kyle MacDonald : Really, the only thing I've ever tried to do is find out who these guys are:

Joe Blogs : I read somewhere a movie was in the pipeline, what can you tell us about this?(im a movie nerd)

Kyle MacDonald : I know about as much as you do on this. Dreamworks has the rights to the 'one red paperclip' story as a film or TV. It might get made, might not. I sure hope it does!

Joe Blogs : House prices are falling in the UK, would you accept a turquoise paperclip for your house? (I'm sure I'm the first person to ever ask this question)

Kyle MacDonald : How big is it....and what is it made of?

Joe Blogs : My paperclip? Oh yes erm it's fit for purpose as they said about the captain aboard the Titanic. Not only does it hold paper together, but if you bend it out you can pick locks. It is made of steel, incorporates nanotechnology, and is available in mutli packs for 99 pence! My Ex returned it as she thought our relationship was going no where, it was too stationary.

Joe Blogs : Seen as your stationary is so valuable do you store your pencil case in a safety deposit box?

Kyle Macdonald : What's a pencil case?

Interview terminated due to transatlantic language difficulties.


Oh and just to prove what a legend he has become he appeared on the Richard & Judy show!

Joe Blogs : What did you make of them?

Kyle MacDonald : They are nice.

Joe Blogs : Do they seem to get on?

Kyle MacDonald : I'm not sure what that means, but it was really hard to tell how they really were cause we only talked when they were in "TV mode" and they had so much makeup on it didn't really seem like their real thoughts could be read. Makeup makes people look really smiley and professional.

Joe Blogs : Did you like Richards bad jokes?

Kyle MacDonald : Yes, he's quite the champ in many respects.

Joe Blogs : Were you impressed with the gnomes they traded for your umbrella?

Kyle MacDonald : Oh yes. I liked the gnome so much I even traded it with somebody right away. I forget what I got in return.