Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just An Update & The Week In Pictures

Hi, just an update, check out new interviews with Andrew Collins, famed BBC radio presenter and broadcaster, and writer of Blog, Never Knowingly Underwhelmed. Also check out my interview with Jennifer Jones author of Blog, How To Tell If A Guy Is A Jerk. As always you can check out the archive.

So, in the news, an 80 year old woman from Florida crashes into a driving test centre, on the day of her test. She accelerated too hard and went through a wall in the driving test waiting room, injuring 11 people. Well they say Florida is God’s waiting room, but I didn't know he was a driving examiner. Imagine if God was taking the test.

God : OK son, buckle up, and choose your path.
Learner Driver : I'm not sure where to turn.
God : Look for a sign.
Learner Driver : Ah, I see it's a one way system straight ahead, who's that person making faces at me Lord, on the sidewalk there?.
God : Don't pay any attention son, turn the other cheek...Aggggh, but keep your eyes on the road!
Learner Driver : So hows my driving God? It's pretty awesome isn't it?
God : Oh My... You just hit that little old lady, I told you pride comes before a fall!
Learner Driver : Ooops I'm sorry God, I'll make it up to you.
God : OK now you just need to turn in here and park to complete the test. Not so fast!
God : What have you done?
Learner Driver : God knows..well you told me to turn over a new jeep.

The Dutch have been working on innovative floating eco-homes, to combat floods and the rising sea level. So Waterworld could really be a reality with talk of floating city's. Where Australian Olympian Ian Thorpe will rule the world with his size 17 feet, and people will have genetically modified webbed feet. That's my prediction for the future.

Silicon has been found in petrol in the UK, so that's what they mean by inflating prices.

Here's a selection of my favourite pictures from the past week. Thanks to David over at his hilarious site The Spine, as featured in my interview.

'Posh Is Coming To America!'

'Home Grown Terrorists'

And thanks to John Pangia at Sid In The City, who also featured in an interview with me.

That's all for now folks.