Saturday, February 17, 2007

Do A Random Act Of Kindness

The idea of this post is that people tell us about a random act of kindness they have experienced and it then hopefully inspires someone else to do a good turn. So tell us about what you have experienced, and I'll publish what the good deed was on my blog. Be anonymous if you want.

Let's inspire others to do Random Acts Of Kindness.

Good deed #1 Joe Blogs
I have donated £5 to the charity, Save The Children, to start the ball rolling.Apparently that money could provide a mosquito net to prevent children in Thailand from contracting dengue, but the money will go wherever the need is greatest in the world.

Good deed #2 Lucky Snap
LuckySnap's random act of kindness for the day: I was playing with my daughter at a local mall when I over heard a woman tell her daughter that she forgot her wallet today so she did not have any money for her daughter to play on the rides. So I dug 75 cents out of my wallet and gave it to her so that her daughter could play. It was only 75 cents, but the little girl had fun and it put a smile on my face.Thanks for writing this post Joe!

Good deed #3 Lewis at Spirit Of Saint Lewis
My partner and I were in a Shari's Restaurant (just a family place) having dinner when I was reminded that my own dad used too, occasionally, pay for somebody's bill in the restaurant. So I thought we'd try it. There was a table of people behind us, we couldn't see them at all, just hear them. And I just felt like it was time to try it out. So, I said the the young, brand-new waitress: May I please have the bill of the next table. She didn't get it at all and initially told me "no," I couldn't pay their bill. She finally got it figured out and gave it to me. Now, I asked her to not say a word....completely mum on the deal.....But before we could leave, the next table was looking/waiting for their bill and asked her where it was. She just said it right out to them: "The guys at the next table have it and are going to pay it." Oh my god, I couldn't believe it! So, I hear the lady say "Well, let's just go over there and see who they are." They all three came over, questioning looks on their faces, and eyeballing the two of us gay dudes trying to pay their bill. Then, they break out in big smiles and laughter. And THEN they start saying "It's nothing but Jesus, it's nothing but the Lord....oh, praise Jesus......oh, praise's just nothing but the Lord!!!" So now, the whole restaurant is in on it....and they are staring and looking....and trying not to. So, they left happy. We left (slightly) embarrassed (and I rarely/never??? get embarrassed). But it was the right thing to do. We've tried it again, with a little more success on keeping it quiet.

Good deed #4 Heidi, from Oregon
I'm in a moms group for women who were planning to have babies in July 1999 -- some babies came earlier, some later, and a core group has continued to correspond through the second and even third babies to follow. Two months ago one of our members was preparing to welcome her sixth child when she received the news that her husband had had a terrible accident in his semi, not his fault but he ended up losing his job over it. We don't know the family's entire financial situation but she has worried to us about losing her house. Our group has adopted the woman's family for Christmas, and we're planning to send her a gift card to use however she wants, as well as individual presents for the children.

Good Deed #5 Tony
"I will be so glad when school is over and I am back working. So much of my life has changed including the way I look at and handle the holidays. I use to always find a couple of children or families to donate Christmas presents to , etc. but that 'spirit' has gone over the past three years or so of school. I do need to find a way to get back into it. And I realize the acts can be as simple as a hello to someone I might rarely if ever say hello to. Thanks for posting this."

Good Deed #6 Graalguy
I frequently go to this fast food shop to have coffee. As I enter, I overhear three preteen boys counting their money. One boy has nothing to "put into the pot," so they are short and don't quite know what to do. These kids are not from homes where there is money. They would not be in my neighbourhood if they were well-off.They won't eat unless they all eat. They don't even notice as I drop a $5 on the floor behind them. As I pass, I tell them that they dropped some money on the floor and they should be more careful with their money. They get very quiet and then rush to eat. I go sit with my friend Joann and have coffee. She asks me why I'm smiling. I don't tell her that I'm smiling to keep from crying.

Good Deed #7 Shaney
A great idea!!Kindness has always been apart of who I am, & in the past I have always done level best to help others without expectation, it is a wonderful feeling when you see the expressions on the faces of those you have willingly aided without having been asked.Hope the word spread, Joe!!

Good Deed #8 David Dragon
"I'm all for a little magic or mysticism with my Motorcycling so here's a little for your enjoyment and edification. The Guardian Bell Legend goes that a small bell attached to your motorcycle, close to the ground, catches the Evil Road Spirits. The little Gremlins that find your motorcycle try to cause all kinds of problems for you. The cavity of the bell attracts these Evil Spirits and the constant ringing drives them insane and they lose their grip and fall to the ground creating pot holes wherever they land. The legend further goes that one should not purchase a Guardian Bell for ones own Motorcycle as this renders the Bell ineffective. Instead, you should give a Guardian Bell to your biker buddy to protect them. It's a kind of Karmic "Pay it Forward" thing. Ting, Ting, Laters"

Good Deed #9 Attylah The Hen
I'm still busy doing it. Saving humanity from itself. But it's a tough job - possibly a hopeless one...

Good Deed #10 Archbishop Cranmer
I do them in secret; the reward is greater.

Good Deed #11 Pale Orange
I let my hubby eat the last cookie even though I really, really wanted it.

Good Deed #12 Wyatt Earp
I saved a beached whale by removing a golf ball from its blowhole. Oh, that was a George Costanza good deed. A few days ago, Philly received a few inches of snow during a winter storm. My neighbors are elderly, and the missus and I shoveled their sidewalks. It would have been easier on the back if we had a snow blower, but what are ya gonna do?

Good Deed #13 Jack Yan
Gave a guy on welfare some tips on how to start his own business. That man is now Sir Richard Branson. OK, he isn't. But if he becomes a greeting-card tycoon, I am hitting that boy up for a loan.

Good Deed #14 Trollop 23
I was a battered wife for some years before I managed to escape with my 2 daughters and little else.Now that I have a steady job and some security, I buy new clothing or housegoods every month to donate to the Women's Shelter that took me in.I also open doors for people who have their hands full, give my seat on the bus to the "little old lady", and ALWAYS tell someone if the tag on the back of their shirt if it's sticking out.

Good Deed #15 Shaolin Tiger
I bought my Mom 2 pairs of new shoes!

Good Deed #16 JohnnyB
I just went over the road because the burglar alarm was going off. I thought I might confront some burglars on behalf of my neighbours. But there was just a confused cleaning lady.

Good Deed #17 Anonymous
When I was sixteen, my sister was a new mom and a newlywed and incredibly poor. I was at her house one day to watch the baby and realized that she didn't have any food at all in the fridge. Just baby formula. So when she wasn't looking, I crammed all of the money that I had (it wasn't much - probably under twenty dollars) into the bottom of her purse. i knew she would find it when she was looking for her keys and would think that it was hers.

Good Deed #18 Tisha
I’ve created a photoblog for a close friend and dang now he’s getting on my nerves.

Good Deed #19 Andrew Collins
Filled my three bird feeders to the brim two days ago, so that the goldfinches, chaffinches, tits, robins and woodpeckers may feast to their hearts' content on peanuts and sunflower seeds, while the blackbirds, robins and lone pigeon may hoover up the bits that fall to the ground beneath.

Good Deed #20 Jennifer Jones
I decided to dedicate some of my blogging time to the individual needs of readers who contact me. Communicating with readers has been a big blessing in my life.

Good Deed #21 Kelly
I've been sitting here for five minutes, and I can't think of anything I've done recently that would truly qualify as a "good deed." I guess I need to work on that. I always smile at babies, and I tip generously.

Good Deed #22 John Baker
I chased a big pigeon away so a crippled blackbird could get at some crumbs.

Good Deed #23 Bruse Napier
These Americans on a hire boat had tried to run a 2 kWatt hairdrier on the inverter, and blown it. I switched it back on for them.

Good Deed #24 Mr Biffo
I helped a woman carry her pushchair up a flight of stairs. Also, I cured cancer.

Good Deed #25 Martin
I left a positive comment on a blog of a person who seemed to be having some problems and I think she appreciated it.

Good Deed #26 Gary Lawrence Murphy
I had a slsk chat request from a Korean tenor sax player asking to help find him a solid but affordable school for his next student visa visit, so I relayed the request on to some mailing lists frequented by some pretty hefty players, summarized the result and sent him back a reply.

Turned out he couldn't afford their recommendations, and decided to return to the berkeley jazz school.

Good Deed #27 Michael Allen
I do get quite a lot of correspondence from people who seek my help and advice on publishing matters. If I can, I provide that help. But some people you just can't help. One man called me a c**t and a t**t because I wouldn't read his book.

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