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Mr Joe Blog's Blog Review Service #2

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Joe Blog's Blog Review #2
Title : Ride It Like You Stole It
Genre : Personal Diary
Owner : Dave Dragon

Summary Of Content
I have trawled this blog, and I have to say it is sooo rich in content. This is a blog by a 48 year old white male raised in the Southeastern United States, he served a tour in the Army and has worked in the IT field since the early 80's. He is an active member of the Iron Butt Association (#24787), this makes sense when you consider he spends long hours in the saddle blasting around the USA on one of his BMW motorcycles.

A superb motorcycle touring blog in part. Detailing adventures across the states, with added pictures. Travelled on the oldest road in the USA, running 2000 miles from Mexico City to Taos, established 1598. Travelled far and wide across the states. Also looks at family history and USA history. I was never aware of the bike ride, ‘The Trail Of Tears' to acknowledge the suffering of those 17,000 Cherokee Indians forcibly removed from their homes, by General Winfield Scott during 1830. There is so much material, on his biking adventures, it will keep you reading and imagining how great it would be to tour the states. Photos are taken on a 10.1 mega pixel camera!
The blog itself is full of real life experience and humour, for example his article on Christians that knock at your door, "I had been preparing some ribs for the smoker one morning and had blood from the meat on my hands when the Card-Carrying Christians again came knocking on my door. I opened the door with my hands still wet with the blood and simply stated "I'm in the middle of a Sacrifice at the moment, please come back in an hour and be prepared to talk!"
I don't know about you but I found the blog to be very funny material in part.

I don't know any bikers, but there are less surely that quote Shakespeare! Ever heard a biker say this, "I find this 400 year old soliloquy and its self-questioning dialog as pertinent now as ever, especially in the context of Bipolarism and the self-destructive nature of the disorder." Talks of his own personal hardships, so it could be said this blog is warts and all. Interesting he says, "I've been through water-boarding a couple of times; in training and in the field as well as low voltage electrocution, and I would whole-Heartedly prefer those to the long term effects of Bipolar disorder and PTSD." Wow, is all I can say.

Both of his bikes are setup as he says, "for long distance riding and performance. This means both have enhanced suspension and handling mods as well as communications and navigational mods.” From the pictures I can see, it is like the Knightrider of bikes, looks like Darth Vader’s bathroom!

Has views on commuting car drivers, "I feel sorry for these poor slobs in their cages droning out the drive every morning and evening, insulated from the world outside by glass and steel, substituting the wind in their faces for refrigerated & recirculated air, chained to the damn cell phones affixed to their heads." I Couldn’t have put it better myself! For him he says the 70 mile commute on his bike is mental maintenance, and he say's he'd be a basket case if he couldn't ride for 6 months of the year. He sums up his love for biking really, by saying, "riding year round, equates to living year round!"

Talks of his friendship, and importance of family. One memorable anecdote from his friend James "As she walked toward us I stated the obvious "Wow, she is hot!", to which James exclaimed "She may be beautiful now, but if you married her she'd swell up like a dead cat in a creek"!

A bit like the presenter Michael Palin, except driving his bike, and not being followed by a BBC camera crew.

So he loves biking, has plenty of useful tips and helpful hints on riding. Also talks of the perils of driving, when bikes are covered with LBR (Love Bug Residue), and the threat to riders of tar snakes!

This is not exclusively a riders blog, he covers topics, such as tax, the UN, Iraq etc. Also has an asshat of the week feature. There are also curious articles on his dreams.

Design : Decent. Colourful blog add ons. Cool puns, such as, 'theres no such thing as bad riding weather, just bad riding gear.'

Conclusion : Really a very worthwhile read. In part gripping reading, no pun intended. Great reading material, and pictures, and with funny anecdotes.

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