Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mr Joe Blog's Blog Review Service #3

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Mr Joe Blog’s Blog Review Service #3
Title : Worth-It-All
Genre : Personal Diary Blog
Owner : Luckysnap

Summary Of Content
Luckysnap is an American lady from the USA. A recovering infertility patient, the mother to a daughter named Ella, the wife of soul mate Keith, and has a golden retriever pup named Lulu. She wasn’t sure about getting a retriever at first, maybe she thought blondes aren’t intelligent!

Also describes herself as a fairly new, stay at home mum and says its harder than she expected it to be, but 10 times more rewarding. She says the decision to stop work after 5 years was one of her hardest decisions. Used to work as an accountant in a hotel and a computer consultancy firm which she enjoyed.

Her experience of fertility treatment was tough going, with all the procedures and surgeries, and is detailed on her blog. Worth-It-All, is a great title for her blog considering she was able to conceive in the end, and now has a beautiful daughter who makes her smile, and she writes down all those things every day

She describes the terrible experience of being robbed at work, and being hog tied, and how her life flashed before her.

Her posts are open and honest, she says “If you really knew me, you'd know.....That I have as many insecurities as the next person, even though it may not appear that way......That I am a much deeper person than you may see on the outside.....And that I struggle just to make it through the day.”

Likes watching Oprah, and reading books, Dalai Lama, Sufism, self help and inspirational books. You can see the influence from that on her posts on ‘pay it forward’, and her quotes of the day are a nice addition and usually well chosen.

She enjoys James Blunt, Joss Stone, Norah Jones, and 80’s music. Has a sideline in taking and selling high quality photos, usually of flowers from what I can see.

Design : Black background, it’s good because her photos stand out better that way. Usual archive and profile.

Conclusion : A blog with a good heart, gives hope to those struggling to conceive. The pictures she takes are high definition, nice in other words. It has nice insightful thoughts and quotations. Only started blog in early November, keep it up and it should be worth it all.

Site Address : http://worth-it-all.blogspot.com