Saturday, October 28, 2006

Joe Blogs View On The World #1

The world is flat, right?

Naomi Campbell, accused of assault by her drugs counsellor this week, not the first time she has had the finger pointed at her. You'd think she would prefer to concentrate on cat walks rather than cat fights. She is not exactly showing model behaviour. The Pussycat Dolls, sing 'I Don't Need A Man To Make It Happen', just someone to pay the bills, and give directions then.

English soccer player, Jermain Defoe, took a bite out of his opponents shoulder. You'd think these sportsmen were well paid and fed enough. He should meet up with Mike Tyson they'd get on great. Theyd make good friends. Jermain could lend him an ear, and Mike could give him a shoulder, to cry on, or ...

Bush and Blair talked about standing shoulder to shoulder. Bush has come out saying the USA doesn't condone torture, which is good. He has also come out saying he sometimes uses 'the Google'. He has used the Google map to look at his ranch in Texas he says, probably also local Krispy Kreme Donuts, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings,North Korea, etc. Good to know hes so advanced hes keeping an eye on things with 'the Google'. The tragic current California Bush Fires, I guess thats one thing we can't balme him for. Al Gore has a new film out, 'An Inconvenient Truth', a documentary about Global warming. They should have teamed up and you would have had a Tarantino style film, Bush and Gore.

Blair was at a ceremony with English soccer's, Alan Shearer, to announce a large donation to charity. Tony, himself a Newcastle football fan paid tribute to Shearer putting something back into the community. Comparatively, Shearer has an enviable political record. More popular, more caps, although he has spent less time on the bench than Blair.

South Park have taken the decision to lampoon Steve Irwins death, in an upcoming sketch, that also features Hitler and Princess Diana. There would have been an outrage if they had done a sketch on Diana straight after her death.

Madonna has adopted a child from Malawi. And theres a big hoo ha about this. That kid is definately going to be provided for in a material sense, and you would hope a caring way too. Although the fathers admission that he didnt know he was giving up his child for good is telling. Madonna might say to him Papa Dont Preach, where as he would say I'm Top Of The Pops. Maybe when the kid starts asking questions about the birds and the bees, Guy Ritchie can say to him, "Son watch this, it's called Snatch".

So the urban sport, Parkour has taken off in a big way featuring in films like District 13, and the upcoming Casino Royale. It is also being invested in by local government as a new youth activity. It involves jumping off, on, and from buildings, and walls. It is very impressive to watch. It makes a change from parents climbing up the walls in frustration at their teenagers.

Are you aware of the English actor, Warwick Davis? He's the midget who played R2D2, Yoda, and others in star wars, Professor Filius Flitwick in Harry Potter and starred in the film Willow with Val Kilmer. He was interviewed and apparantly is good friends with Verne Troyer, 'Mini Me', who at 2'8 is smaller than him. Warwick has a great career record, but might be fed up with getting the small roles. Its good that the small people hang out, going to bars must be a struggle, maybe they hang out in Kuala Lumpa, why, you ask, home of the Oooompa Loompas of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory fame, of course. I like the film Bad Santa featuring Billy Bob Thornton aswell, very funny. Good use of midgets. Thinking of the shorter actors out there Bob Hoskins, Danny DeVito, they haven't done too badly. And after Nicole Kidman left Tom Cruise, she said she can now wear high heels. Oh and shout during labour.

Elizabeth Taylor has come out and denied she will be getting married for a nineth time, and also reports that she has alzheimers. Although they do say it is good, because you get to meet new people every day. Getting married so many times, what is that all about, not many get married nowadays, it's so out of fashion. It's like you can make a mistake once or twice, but eight times! Elizabeth is due to be seen in cinemas next in The Ring 9, sponsored by Cleopatra cat food.

A report says lack of sleep means women are the grumpier sex. But it seems the cause is down to their partners snoring. I'm sure this discovery ranks alongside Steven Hawkins, A History Of Time, or Darwins theory on evolution.

For now, Blogging off, kind regards, Mr Joe Blogs