Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mr Joe Blog's Blog Review Service #1

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Joe Blog's Blog Review #1
Title : The Lost Legionary
Genre : This is a personal diary blog of sorts.
Owner : Aurelius

Summary Of Content
He uses a pseudonym so his name, and identity is made up. Even his cartoon has sunglasses, and profile gives no information apart from email. Says hes from Jerusalem. A self proclaimed Jedi. Also apparently a philosopher, and keen writer.

He has personal insights. Has managed bands, including SoulZu, Clifford, and, Trouser, Trouser, also goes to watch gigs.

Moved in with flatmate Jim who has a good dvd collection, presumably rent costs more because of that. He would like to write a book about his father Decimus. Though not mentioned I presume, Aurelius is a fan of the film Gladiator.

Liked the Office but thought it was one dimensional. Highly recommends the movies Children Of Men and Walk The Line. Also likes Brit TV comedy, Little Britain.

Likes politics, hasn’t been inactive in politics for more than 5 months in the last year. Yet he won’t talk politics on his blog, only because it would take to long to sum up all the dumb politicians.

He has gone through fases of reading hundreds of blogs. Reads Scott Adams blog, every day, that’s the guy who does the Dilbert comics. Aurelius states "About six months ago, he incited his readership by putting, mentioning a theory that free will does not exist. He argued that people decide things based on emotional reasoning, and then come up with the "reasons" to justify their emotional decision to themselves and to others."

Aurelius does talk about depression and the inner workings of his mind, which is cool.

Design : Modern, black background, usual blog roll and a good use of pictures in posts. Some humorous pictures. Easy to navigate the site.

Conclusion : So all in all a good personal blog, regularly updated. Talks about lifes foibles and has humorous content. Philosophises, which does stir up debate. Blog is very specific to his life. A little bit vague in terms of what he actually does for a living. None the less, a perfectly good read.
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