Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Talent : StiK The Cartoonist

I have decided to share my blog space with some of the exceptional comedy talent, that is out there on the net. This is an open forum and I will consider offers to showcase anyones work on my blog.
This week I have come across Stik The Cartoonist whose animations make me smile.
On his site he has funny animations that we can all appreciate, young or old. This is artistic genius. Original. This guy should be making animations for Disney. So check out this video, for your viewing pleasure.

Here are some Random film reviews

Having seen Psycho I thought I had seen Hitchcock's best film. This film compares favourably. Vertigo has a great cast, Jimmy Stewart, and Kim Novak. Set in San Francisco with beautiful scenery, a plot unravels where you will be drawn in, and hooked to the conclusion. This is a suspenseful film from beginning to end.

This is beautifully filmed, from the camera work, to the use of colour, and the film score adds greatly to the drama. This is a thrilling and clever film. The characters are whole and interesting, and Stewarts performance is compelling, and really marks him as one of the great actors. Kim Novak puts in a performance that is one of the best leads I've seen by a female actress.

All round this is a wonderful, delightful film, with a in depth look at the human psyche, that has a strong resonance.

Doesn't get a 10 because, i'm a film buff and very stingy.

This is a film similar in tone to Seven. A plot unravels, whereby two men and the only name in this film Danny Glover, come to grips with an evil psychotic hidden mastermind.

The people in this film are faced with dilemmas and challenges so gory and unthinkable. What would you do, if your families life was on the line and you had to take another life, this is the evil game the villain plays with his victims. In turn scary, gory, and emotionally unhinged characters. The actors pull it off.

It is one of the best, most gruesome horror films I have seen, though Audition is fairly brutal. The interplay between all the different characters is good, and you are always wondering who the bad guy is, which I won't reveal here.

So if your not squeamish, enjoy a thriller and love twists you'll like this.

Night Of The Living Dead
I had some anticipation that this might be a good horror zombie film. All that was evaporated, within the opening sequence, hackneyed, unrealistic characters, but not particularly funny characters. The zombies are not scary.
Mostly this is a cheaply made film. Zombies are normally shown on camera at night time or at a distance whereby you don't see any detail. It could be you or I just ambling about. A couple of bits where zombies pop up, OK maybe make you jump but this is a frustrating to watch film. First the zombies move so slow you could run by them easily, the acting is over the top and not funny. It is a ridiculous film.
Beware this film is not so awful that its good, its just awful.