Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Joe Blog's Interview #21 McClatchey's Magic!

Name : Lee McClatchey (McKlatch)
Age : 18
Location : Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
Vocation : Student (which is lingo for undecided), I bear a history in performing, but shall be leaving to take on Graphics Developing (hopefully)
Philosophy : If you want something to happen, then it might be up to you to make it happen!

Sum up what your blog is about for us.
It's about random events in the life of McKlatch, a student in England with an international mind. From reading it, many people have "what on earth are you on about?" the response is then "what on earth are you not on about?" Pwned!(I think)!

Why are you doing your blog?
I was just browsing the Internet, and as I do, I read out the text from an advert on the screen, "create your own blog today!!!!!!" or similar. And my friend Jon (referred to as Leanspartan in the blog) said that I should totally start a blog because I know so many irrelevant things, and I'm so...weird... that people might find it interesting to read!

How much would you sell your blog for?
I would sell my Blog for Forgiveness (for starting it)!

Tell us a random funny story that comes to mind.
There a picture attached, It's me throwing a joker. I must stress that although I am a photoshop user,there are no CG effects in this picture. However, I did have to crop out the bottom of the picture 'cos you would see the instruction book telling you how to do the trick yourself, which I blindly left open (I just learned the trick what else was I gonna do)!

Are there any blogs, you enjoy reading?
I do like Zach Braff's official blog. He does remind me a lot of myself sometimes.

What's the funniest entry on your blog?
I won't label the funniest post because different people laugh at different things. I spent a whole fortnight learning a new style of humor every day and now I write so strangely, so that explains that! My favorite post however is the one titled Time Lord because its stupid, it's the post where I first came up with the idea for 'Combat Smack' my fictional computer game (which has developed more since then). I'm sure I've disappointed anybody reading it who likes Counter Strike.

What is your writing style?
Well Mr. Blogs, it's now time to confess that McKlatch is a fictional character, he's not real! He's like Steven Colbert or Ricky Gervais, they are actually called that in RL (people call me McKlatch) but the guys onscreen are just characters and nothing like the real deal. So we'll call it a fictional diary, like the Adrian mole books!

Why should someone visit your site?
They absolutely should not - unless... they appreciate random humor, or like laughing at individuals like me.... or both.

What do people commonly say about your site?
"WTF" or "I don't get it" or "Genius"

If you could recommend one website, what would it be and explain why (can't be your own website!)
Shout Wire because I learn a lot from there and I get peoples opinions because the articles are written by just anybody, plus there's a section for comments, and we like comments!

Tell us just one of your favourite actors, actress's, film, song, and Comedian.
Ed Norton. Natalie Portman (you know why).The Matrix. Any song by the Poets of the fall. Jon Stewart.

Tell us a joke
See last question!

What would you wish for with 3 wishes?
1. That 1 third of my wishes could go to charity.
2. That I could have infinite wishes for the rest of my life

Your Site Address : McKlatch