Thursday, December 07, 2006

Joe Blog's Interview #3 Tricia's Musings

Joe Blogs 'On The Blogspot'
Interview #3
Name : Tricia
Age : Now you know you aren't supposed to ask a lady her age ...
Location : Toronto
Vocation : ER Nurse
Life Philosophy : Live life to the fullest and don't have any regrets

Joe Blogs : Sum up what your blog is about for us
Tricia : It's a general blog. I write about a lot of things. Mostly things that give me some pleasure in life. There's enough bad things coming at us every day through our work, the news and day to day life so I try to write about funny day to day situations or put a positive spin on things that aren't the greatest. Sometimes I rant but I think my readers find that the main tone of my blog is upbeat.

JB : Why did you decide to do a blog?
Tricia : Well, I'm off work due to being sick with Crohns. When I started the blog back in January 2006 I'd just found out that I'd have to stay off work for a few more months. What to do with my time? So I started the blog to fill up some time and try out this new hot thing I kept hearing about "everyone's blogging don't you know?". I thought I would write about my illness and about the pain that I'm in but that's just too depressing to write about. It wouldn't do me any good other than getting it off my chest. So I started writing about things that I like, fun things, humor, a little bit of sarcasm etc and it's taken off from there. In fact I now have EIGHT blogs!

JB : What's the funniest article on your blog?
Tricia : There's a few that I think are pretty funny but I think the one where I wrote about an ex-boyfriend is one of the most popular. You see I walked in and caught him trying on my one piece bathing suit, and then a skirt! It's called Why do guys always want to get into my bathing suit?

JB : What keeps you motivated to keep adding posts?
Tricia : Some days are harder than others to find something to write about - especially since I'm ill and I'm kind of stuck inside my home most of the time but I usually figure out something. I read other sites and sometimes that gives me a few writing ideas. When I'm on a roll I try to write a few posts at a time and save some for rainy days when I just don't have any ideas.

JB : Do you envy any other blogs?
Tricia : Sure of course I do. Some sites have such fantastic writing you could just get lost in the posts. I envy them because I wish I could write with their style.

JB : If you could recommend one website, what would it be and explain why (cant't be your own website!)
Tricia : There are a number of blogs that I try to get to on a regular basis (I haven't been as good about that lately though!), but I think I'd have to say that Pointless Drivel is a blog that I both envy and enjoy. I envy Mr. Fab for all of his visitors. Do you believe he gets over 100 comments a day? Wow! I enjoy his site because his posts are usually humorous. I like reading things that make me laugh and some of his posts are so out there that you can't help but laugh out loud.

JB : What are the common things people say about your blog?
Tricia : People are talking about my blog? Who? Uhm I don't know for a fact, but when I see that someones mentioned my site on their own blog it's usually a positive comment, actually it's always a positive comment. They seem to like my writing style and the way I post.

JB : What's the worst thing about doing your blog?
Tricia : Trying to get the word out about it to get some more visitors can be hard. Otherwise just trying to come up with posts and writing regularly could be difficult.

JB : Tell us a funny story about anything that comes to mind?
Tricia : LOL do you know what time I'm writing this reply? It's like 5:30 am and you want me to come up with something funny? Probably the funniest thing about me is that I'm a total klutz. I get up to walk somewhere and I bump into things or I trip. I can't be trusted to carry a cup of coffee from one room to the next without spilling it - that's how klutzy I am. It's not funny in writing but I give people a lot of laughs for what is now known as "pulling a Trish". I have a category on my site that has a few of my top klutzy moments listed in it.

JB : What would you like to improve on your blog?
Tricia : Well I'd love to get more comments on my posts, and a few more visitors, but for the most part I like my blog the way it is.

JB : Why should someone visit your blog?
Tricia : I write between 3 and 6 posts per day. You are bound to find something that interests you in one of the posts each and every day or at least every week. Come visit.

JB : If you weren't doing your blog, how would you spend your time?
Tricia : Well I'm sick right now so I'd probably be lost in the world of TV and totally bored out of my head. Blogging helps keep me in the here and now. If I was working and I wasn't blogging I'd probably spend a bit more time seeing friends and uh watching TV with my husband.

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