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Joe Blog's Interview #4 Comedian Nate Smith

Joe Blog's Interview 'On The Blogspot'
Interview #4

Name : Nate Smith
Age : 26
Location : Portland, OR
Vocation : Intern for the Willamette Week Newspaper
Life Philosophy : "Make them laugh," & "2 wrongs don't make a right, but 3 lefts do." I'm a comedian and so I am almost constantly thinking about how to make people laugh. I don't know if that's a philosophy, but that's pretty much all that's going through my head.

Joe Blogs : Sum up what your blog is about for us
Nate : My goal for my blog is basically to write one funny thing a day. I don't always succeed in writing once a day, but sometimes I write more than once a day so that sort of makes up for it. Other than that, my blog is hard to summarize. I can tell you what my blog isn' isn't a diary of my daily events and thoughts. There are a lot of those out there and some are by very interesting people with interesting lives. I am not one of those people. So my blog is really more like a daily challenge to myself to be funny in written form. Some of my entries mock the diary style blog by being by another character, usually one who wouldn't have a blog, like a cowboy or a pirate. And some of them are based on funny headlines I read. Others are just weird and I couldn't really tell you where they came from.

Joe Blogs : Why did you decide to do a blog?
Nate : I love to write comedy, and I hadn't been doing it with enough consistency lately. So I decided to start a blog so that I could basically keep myself writing. At first I wasn't going to tell anyone about it. It was just going to be for me, as a daily writing exercise. Then some random bloggers stumbled onto my blog and gave me good feedback, so my entertainer instincts kicked in and I started telling friends/family/random bloggers about it. Now my regular readership is in the double digits!

Joe Blogs : What's the funniest article on your blog?
Nate : That's hard to say. I occasionally go back through my blog to read what I have done and sometimes I laugh at my own stuff. There was actually a tag that I answered that I had a lot of fun with. It was Damn it I'm It! One joke in particular still really gets me...and I'm not even sure if other people think it is as funny as I do. But it was a list of shows I love to watch and one answer was "3,576,829,578's Company: 1 guy roommate, 3,576,829,577 girl roommates, and a goofy land lord." I walked around my living room claiming I was the funniest person ever after I wrote that. My Wife was just like "uh huh. Quiet, I can't hear Oprah."

Joe Blogs : What keeps you motivated to keep adding posts?
Nate : At first it was just my personal challenge to write something funny everyday. But then I went on a vacation for a couple days, and when I came back my tiny group of fans had left me a bunch of messages telling me how much they missed my posts. Now that keeps me motivated.

Joe Blogs : Do you envy any other blogs?
Nate : Yes. I envy It's a video blog, and it is very funny. I'm considering doing some video posts in the near future.

Joe Blogs : If you could recommend one website, what would it be and explain why (cant'tbe your own website!)
Nate : Another funny site I have recently been tipped off to is Dino Comics . These are very simple, but very funny.

Joe Blogs : What are the common things people say about your blog?
Nate : Mostly people say I am either "funny" or "weird."

Joe Blogs : What's the worst thing about doing your blog?
Nate : Um...there's nothing really all that bad about doing my blog. I hate it when I don't have time to get one done.

Joe Blogs : Tell us a funny story about anything that comes to mind?
Nate : Recently I was laid off from my job. During my job hunt a friend passed my name along to the editor of a newspaper and told her about my blog. She read it, including a recent entry called Letter of Recommendation, which was a self written recommendation from my previous employer. In it I say that I am a combination of Jesus Christ, and Chuck Norris, and am in fact "Chuck Christ." When the editor e-mailed me she said anyone who calls himself "Chuck Christ" is alright in her book. I ended up getting an internship at that paper (which is almost like a job because you do a lot of work, but they don't pay you.)

Joe Blogs : What would you like to improve on your blog?
Nate : I'd like to actually post everyday. And I think I would like to start doing video posts along with written posts.

Joe Blogs : Why should someone visit your blog?
Nate : Well, if you're looking for a quick laugh, my blog is the place for you. If you hate laughter, freedom, happiness, and life, then don't bother with my site.

Joe Blogs : If you weren't doing your blog, how would you spend your time?
Nate : I'd be writing all these things in a journal where no one but my Wife would get to see them.

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