Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Joe Blog's Interview #41 Gold, Frankincense And.. Mur!

Name: Mur
Age : 39
Location : Australia
Vocation : Butcher, Construction, baggage handler (not all at once)
Philosophy : Treat someone the same as you would want to be treated.

Sum up what your blog is about.
I'm buggered if I know really...whatever comes to mind.

Why are you doing your blog?
Its a great outlet for creativity and to blow off a bit of steam, for example I could write that our prime minister is an anti-worker, ass-kissing fascist and feel better about myself.

What do people commonly say about your site?
Get off.

Why should someone visit your site?
Usually its by accident.

Climate change is caused by man. Myth or reality?
Well, I'm no expert, but this is the first Australian summer that I've seen snowmobiles delivering the mail.

Are there any blogs, you enjoy reading?
Yes indeed, Colorado Bob comes to mind and (shameless self-promotion warning!) & Find The Changes is another good one.

What would you have written on your tombstone?
He came, he saw, he concreted.

Would you go on a reality TV show?
No, they are all bullspit.

What one website would you recommend and why?
The Worth1000 site is excellent. Some extremely talented people congregate there.

Tell us a random funny story that comes to mind.
Well, sort of funny but upsetting for the people involved. I went to a wedding of a friend many years ago and after the ceremony and reception we all decided to go to a night club. Come closing time, his new bride was decidedly under the weather (as we all were, including him) so he tried to lift her over his shoulder a la caveman style. Unfortunately his coordination wasn't to good and she slid face first into the concrete and broke her nose and several teeth. Needless to say her pure white wedding dress wasn't white anymore and they spent the rest of the night in the casualty ward of the hospital. I bet they laugh about it now though ( maybe?)

Had any supernatural experiences?
Not that I can remember.

What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?
Invest in ipods.

What's the most incredible thing that's ever happened to you?
Well, I better say meeting my partner, and fatherhood in case she or any of my kids read this...and becoming a pilot.

And finally, what would you wish for with 3 wishes?
Money, longevity and another 3 wishes.

Now it's your turn! Ask me one question, anything you like. How did you come across me? And I won't mention the cricket if you don't mention my convict heritage, lol.
Joe Blogs : I was looking for a recipe for chocolate blancmange, and came across your site. I was pleasantly surprised. The postman who drives a snowmobile also recomended you.
Your site address : A Clockwork Blancmange