Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Murder Mystery "The Greatest Who Dunnit Ever!" #1

A foreboding mansion is sat a top a hill, a winding road snakes its way up to the water fountain centre peice, and entrance to Willoughby Manor. The galing wind whistles and tree branches attack the stone walls. An assortment of cars are parked outside. A weather vale creaks as it rattles in the wind. There is a crack of lightning and a shadowy figure is seen moving across behind the window, clutching what looks like a knive. A car pulling up into the drive flashes its headlights facing the mansion, not once, but twice.

The lights are on downstairs, and there are plenty of shadowy figures, it looks like a house party. A scream is heard. All the lights go out.

The next day...
Detective Joe Blogs pulls up at the front entrance. He looks over the horizon, the scenery is green and peaceful. He steps out of his green Jaguar. Wearing a brown tweed jacket with elbow pads, khaki trousers, and white sneakers, and square black rimmed glasses, he furrowed his brow and made his way up to the mansion door. White pillars made the entrance a little like the White House. Scenes of crime police are crawling all over the place.

A butler came to the door, before the detective could knock. "Ive been expecting you" the butler said wringing his hands together, "Detective Blogs, I assume?"

"Never assume anything, is what I say. Otherwise I'd assume as the butler, you are the murderer! Are you?"
"Yes it's me, I done it! And can I take your coat detective?"
The detective raised his eyebrows, squinted his eyes, and detected the butler was trying to be funny, and gave a meagre grin. Anyway he declined to pass his coat and stepped inside. The marble floor was spotless and the chandelier and stairway was impressive. The butlers whispy overgrown eyebrows were a mild distraction, he was sure he had seen them before brows in the internet.

To be continued... or not...