Sunday, September 10, 2006

Crank, Broccoli, and Larry David

Good Morning. Some things are inevitable. Waking up late on Sunday is one thing, Roger Federer beating Andy Roddick in today's US Open Final is another.

I see that film Crank is doing good business, I like the look of the trailer, Jason Statham injected with a toxin that will kill him if he doesn't keep his blood pressure up. A bit like the movie Speed, but Jason Statham is not a bus, and I don't think he would explode. There are many things you could do, answering any question past £1000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, singing on Pop Idol, going for a paternity test, driving in India using your mobile at the same time, go to the Dentist on Friday 13th at 230pm(tooth hurty), going out with Kelly Brooke etc. Actually after Statham went out with Kelly, this might be his rebound movie. They should call the toxin Gordonramseyoxin.

It wouldn't have worked on the 'hairdryer', Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, I reckon his blood pressure is always up. What was all that about Wayne Rooney not being able to sleep without the hairdryer turned on. Could go on, but I wont! I guess famous people are renowned for there sleeping rituals. And what about that guy Jack Bauer from 24 doesn't he ever sleep, I guess that doesn't make good television.

Saw the new Bond trailer, Casino Royale, impressive stuff, Daniel Craig looks the part but then so do I, and at least I can drive a manual Aston Martin, looked over once again! I'd get the Bond producers Barbera Broccoli and E. Coli in a stew.

So Michael Schumacher has announced his retirement from racing. Well it will give someone else a chance, only way Jenson Button can get points is by speeding on the motorway. So they'll be none of this whens he stepping down malarkey that has ghosted Tony Blairs leadership. When you think that the car is a very important factor, how much credit can you give the driver though really. The machine is useless without a man, and a man is useless without the machine. Though apparently you do need to be fit to drive these super fast cars, especially in the neck muscles. Zinedine Zidanes new career maybe?

Another favourite TV programme is Curb Your Enthusiasm starring Larry David as himself, each episode a masterpiece in comedy storytelling and timing. A must watch. Am I the only one who watches this? I share Larrys reluctance in tipping, in the UK its not required by law, but it is expected. Even if I get exceptional service, I don't want to tip, theres just too many people willing to take your money and we give it over with a smile. Im like I earned that, that's 30 minutes work for me, and all you really did was ask if my food was okay. Do you tip?

So whats going on with Blair and Brown, Blairs announced he will stand down within a year, this is a far cry form Arnold Szwarzeneggers rally cry of, four more years!, at the last election. Maybe there should be a pop idol style face off between Brown and Blair for the publics vote, don't think viewers would be that enthralled. Dour Brown or Smarmy Blair, great choice!