Sunday, September 10, 2006

Leave a post, Hells Kitchen, and Donald Trump

Yes by replying to this you will be the first and quite possibly last post! Don't be shy, just reply! So far the postman's only knocked twice, so to speak. Your comments make the site come to life.

I saw Hells Kitchen USA, I would have thought Chef Ramsey would have been to rude to make the crossover to American TV. But I guess being a foul mouthed chef is socially acceptable anyway, it is kind of expected. I don't know what it is with British Celebrities at the moment, Simon Cowell, Ann Robinson, Gordon Ramsey, George Galloway. Put them in a room and watch the fireworks. What must other countries think of us now?

I love the programme 24, 5th series and still going strong. Jack Bauers had more bad days than Donald Trumps had bad hair days. Though both are losing believability, especially Donald's 'hair'. Its most fascinating when he steps off one of his helicopters. I wonder if he uses glue. If you don't have to worry about money the world must look slightly different, without almost everything has a cost. Trump can look through an Ikea catalogue, and buy whatever he wants, he could buy IKEA, bet hes never assembled a cupboard from a flat pack. Talking of cabinets, UK cabinet minister John Prescott, not much good at DIY either, one screw and the whole cabinet falls apart.

Does Jennifer Lopez aka jenny from the block, know what a screwdriver is, or a mop, or a tea towel, oven gloves, garden rake or a HMV coupon. Bet she has a home cinema, or she could just hire out actors and bands to perform for her, buy an island etc. Why do people buy Islands, ok firstly I guess theres no council tax, but who's going to collect the rubbish. Richard Branson brought one of the Virgin Islands I believe, whats wrong with something closer to home, Isle Of Wight, off the coast of Britain maybe. Guess the weathers not that hot! He likes his ballooning as well, well he is full of hot air.

Hes a great entrepreneur, and his latest venture is flights into space, going at around £100,000 a ticket. Sigourney weaver has already signed up, but bizarrely 75 year old William Shatner has initially turned down a free ticket, saying that he wants guarantees of safety and to be paid to go, so I read. Isn't it insurance enough that Sigourney Weaver aka Ripley is on the plane named SS Enterprise with him. He should remember no one can hear you scream in space. Would you go on the maiden trip?

Blogging off for now, captains blog no6.