Saturday, November 04, 2006

Random Facts #5

The Atlantic Forest in Brazil, has one of the largest concentrations of endangered species.
Unfortunately, only 2% of the forest remains compared to 85% of the Amazon rainforest.
Unfortunately most people are more concerned with wireless hotspots than, biodiversity hotspots.

Snails can sleep for 3 years.
Ok, I'm not a vet but I thought they would at least need to eat. Maybe they're shells are like nucleur bunkers, able to survive there with enough supplies. And if they need a new home, they can always go to the petrol station, Shell, that is.

In China they celebrate birthdays every 10 years after the first.
I guess it means more money to spend on yourself during the year. I Imagine most of the people at your 21st will not be at your 31st birthday. I guess you can't really complain if someone forgets your birthday. I'm so unlucky, my twin forgot my birthday. I wonder if the parties kick ass, because they are so infrequent. I wonder if people still say, "haven't you grown", or do they say, "haven't you aged". Or, "sorry, I didn't get round to thanking you for that present".

The band Genesis are reforming.
Jesus he knows me, and he know's I'm right. I'm in a land of confusion, I can't dance, but I do have an invisible touch, so it's not so bad. Peter Gabriel has decided not to join up with them, but if they do need a roady, he has a good sledgehammer.

Pictured, at their first concert, rumours they have renamed themselves Old Testament cannot be confirmed.
They haven't aged a bit! A picture from humour, politics blog