Saturday, November 04, 2006

Random Record Breakers

A new report says British teenagers are too fat to join the army, well I have included some inspirational stories for them.

Heard of American marathon runner Sam Thompson? He has run 50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days! Thats 26.2 miles every day! His girlfriend is a dietician, so he had the right calorie intake, and his times actually got better as he did more marathons. Makes Josh Hartnetts efforts in the film 40 Days and 40 Nights seem a little feeble, and Dustin Hoffmans torture in the dentist chair in Marathon Man, a small inconvenience.

Heinz Stucke is another incredible man, originally from Germany, he has cycled around the world since August 1960, aged 20. He spends 2-6 months in each country, so that he feels he can give a good account of it. His home is on the road. He has cycled 335,000 miles, and has visited over 160 countries.
Throughout his travels, he has been hit by a truck in Chile's Atacama Desert, been beaten unconscious by Egyptian soldiers, and chased by an angry Hiatian mob. And if thats not enough there is more. He has been detained by Cameroon's military for “slandering the state.”, attacked by bees while bathing in a river in Mozambique, had a serious bout of dysentery in Indonesia in, oh and was shot in the foot by Zimbabwean rebels. Then he visits the UK and has his bicycle stolen. He's Probably had the odd puncture too!
And then he met me outside Wimbledon station once! Chatted, brought his book and shook his hand, dont think I will have made his journal though.

On a totally random seperate point, scientists say in 50 years there will be no sea fish left. Now Im not saying this is down to fat British teens, but we will soon be visiting the chip shop only, and gangsters will be sleeping alone and not with the fishes.