Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cool Link #2! Joe Blogs On The Movie Bidness

I thought I would share some space on this site with a friend, also called Joe who works in the movie bidness. As a movie buff myself, I find his site fascinating as his site highlights where movie props are for sale, and what they were used in, and what for.

Props for sale have included the hoverboard used by Michael J Fox in Back To The Future, the hammer used by Mel Gibson in Braveheart, the headless horseman's axe from Sleepy Hollow, and a shirt worn by Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky. Also there are some replica items such as the gun used in The Man With The Golden Gun, Hannibals mask, a replica proton pack and ghost trap from Ghostbuster. There are too many items to mention.

Joe Blogs : Tell us about your site, Joe

Thanks for your interest in the Movie Bidness blog. My favorite types of movies have generally been the kind that are special effects intensive. I really enjoy learning how movies are made and the incredible attention to detail that goes into making authentic looking props and wardrobe. In fact, I own the box set of the LOTR movies and I think I have watched the making of documentaries more than the actual movies. So, as a hobby, I started searching through Ebay for items actually used in the movies and found that it's a very popular venue for selling such memorabilia.

My favorite auctions are the printed items (wanted posters, newspapers, books made specifically for a movie) because even though you rarely see any detail on one of these items in a movie, they are created as if they were a real publication, that would be picked up by the people in the movie. Of particular interest were two auctions I posted with newspapers from the Daily Bugle (Spiderman) and the Daily Planet (Superman) with relevant superhero stories in both. The coolest auctions are usually in Ebay's live auctions. For instance, the original cowardly lion costume from the Wizard of Oz recently went up. Another favorite of mine was the creepy puppet used in Saw III. That was the most bidding intensive auction I've posted about. There were over 50 bids and the price shot over $10,000!

I think one of the most bizarre auctions I've found was a recent one about a life size Jabba the Hutt made of painted poly foam.

Thanks again, Joe

Cool Link #2!