Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cool Link #3! Musicovery

A great French music site that selects music tracks for you to listen based on your mood. You just select if you are in an energetic, positive, dark, or calm mood, and what style of music you want. There are many styles to select from, including rap, rock, Latino, blues, pop, etc, it caters for all tastes.

It was quite accurate in selecting songs I appreciated. And there is a vast array of tracks, from many known artists, and some less known, but still good. For example you get Arrested development for positive rap, and Wu Tang Clan, Eminem, Cypress Hill, etc for darker mood. And in soundtracks you get another big selection, for example, Eye Of the Tiger from the Rocky film for upbeat song, and the theme from Midnight Express for a darker mood.

Good Fun!

Cool Link #3!