Sunday, December 10, 2006

Joe Blogs Interview #6 Casual As You Like

Joe Blogs 'On The Blogspot'
Interview #6

Name : Jen
Age : 33
Location : Rhode Island, USA
Vocation : Graphic Designer
Life Philosophy : Have as much fun as you can - life is short

Joe Blogs : Sum up what your blog is about for us
Jen : My blog is Quality Nonsense & Random Ramblings

Joe Blogs : Why did you decide to do a blog?
Jen : 1. It's a great way to vent2. It's fun3. You can interact with people all over the world4. Share your photos & express your creativity

Joe Blogs : What's the funniest article on your blog?
Jen : that's a tough question..I laugh at all of it...I've been told that my morning coffee rants are funny.

Joe Blogs : What keeps you motivated to keep adding posts?
Jen : My readers.. and the fact that I'm always full of nonsense

Joe Blogs : Do you envy any other blogs?
Jen : Nope, It's all about fun for me - I admire other blogs...

Joe Blogs : If you could recommend one website, what would it be and explain why (can't be your own website!)
Jen : Two Can Anne. Because she makes me laugh everyday.

Joe Blogs : What are the common things people say about your blog?
Jen : Not sure. What have you heard? Did you hear something??? What did they say about me?Is it bad?? Did they say something bad?? You can tell me...

Joe Blogs : What's the worst thing about doing your blog?
Jen : I wouldn't do it if there was a "worst thing"

Joe Blogs : Tell us a funny story about anything that comes to mind?
Jen : I got nothing... I wish I had something, I really do. I am ashamed.

Joe Blogs : What would you like to improve on your blog?
Jen : I'd like to offer free cookies all of the time... but it gets expensive.

Joe Blogs : Why should someone visit your blog?
Jen : It's a good time.. and you never know what your going to get. And the comments people leave are usually funnier than my posts...

Joe Blogs : If you weren't doing your blog, how would you spend your time?
Jen : Slacking'

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