Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Joe Blogs Interview #8 Laugh It Up

Joe Blogs ‘On The Blogspot’
Interview #8

Name : Tracy
Age : 29 and proud of it, so suck it
Location : Houston, TX aka my own personal rain forest
Vocation : I work in the oil and gas industry. My exact job? I guess you could say that I act as a translator between the nerds (scientists) and the regular people.
Life Philosophy : Everyone is worth knowing!

Joe Blogs : Sum up what your blog is about for us
Tracy : Laugh It Up, Fuzzball is definitely a very personal blog. When I'm having a tough time, you'll read about it. But most of the time I try to make it about having fun and enjoying life. There's so much crap in this world I think it's good to have a place that highlights the happy. Jesus, I sound cheesy. Sorry about that.

Joe Blogs : Why did you decide to do a blog?
Tracy : Uhhhhhhh okay honesty time. It was because of a boy. *sigh* Yes, I'm still in high school. Hahaha seriously though I started it as a method of communicating with someone but after awhile the blog took on a life of its own. Now I can't imagine NOT blogging. It's wholly for me. No one is reading? Meh, who cares? It's for me.

Joe Blogs : What's the funniest article on your blog?
Tracy : Not sure, maybe this one? Fuzz Fact

Joe Blogs : What keeps you motivated to keep adding posts?
Tracy : When I have something to share, then I post. It's really that simple. If I'm not feeling it, I'll just read and comment on other blogs until I get my mojo back.

Joe Blogs : Do you envy any other blogs?
Tracy : I would say that the blog that I admire/envy the most is Dooce. I know that might sound trite, I mean who doesn't read Dooce, but I really love the impact that Heather has on her readers. When she had skin cancer she inspired a LOT of people to start paying closer attention to their health. She's also one of the first people that has ever made me realize that you can have kids without losing your identity and becoming one of those scary mom-bots.

Joe Blogs : If you could recommend one website, what would it be and explain why (can't
be your own website!)
Tracy : Well I'm sure as hell not going to fall into the trap of listing one of my friend's blogs. Then I'd feel horrible about not listing the others. I'll recommend fourfour ! If you're into Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, dance music or crazy fat cats named Winston, fourfour is for you. I love it!

Joe Blogs : What are the common things people say about your blog?
Tracy : "You have a blog?", "What's a blog?","I read your blog, What the hell is wrong with you?","Seriously, I'm confused. What is a blog?","Has anyone ever told you that you should be a writer? No? Thank god.", "Why Laugh It Up, Fuzzball?"

Joe Blogs : What's the worst thing about doing your blog?
Tracy : The worst thing is that I'm not well-versed in CSS so I can't fart around with the actual blog design.

Joe Blogs : Tell us a funny story about anything that comes to mind?
Tracy : A priest, a rabbi, and a naked mole rat walk into a bar. Yeah, that's all I've got so far.

Joe Blogs : What would you like to improve on your blog?
Tracy : I guess I'd like a more complex template, but really I'm pretty happy with it in general.

Joe Blogs : Why should someone visit your blog?
Tracy : I know that most people don't pay attention to blog sidebars, but I put a LOT of thought into mine. I have a long list of webcomics that MUST be read because they are hilarious. I have a long list of other bloggers that each have an impact on me, my writing, etc. I also have a list of fantastic photo stories by BadAunt.

Joe Blogs : If you weren't doing your blog, how would you spend your time?
Tracy : Either hanging out with my dog Emma or taking pictures. Or both, as the case is often. :)

Joe Blogs : Tell us what you want for Christmas?
Tracy : No more war? No more death? No more George W. Bush? Oh, you meant seriously. Um, I'd love to get the Nikon 105mm f/2.8G VR Micro lens. Wow, that's a mouthful. It sounds like I should be saying "I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!" Hahahaha

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