Sunday, April 22, 2007

Murder Mystery "The Greatest Who Dunnit Ever!" #3

Introducing a chapter by acclaimed author, Agent Rusty Bones, Check Out his site too!

Meanwhile, below Willoughby Mansion, a shadowy figure moved down a passageway so ancient that it couldn't be found on any known maps. The tunnel was narrow, twisting, and damp. The walls were covered in lichen and moss, but the floor was worn smooth by the passage of countless footsteps during previous ages. The black slippered feet of the figure made no sound and left no tracks.

The figure moved with the ease and grace of someone long familiar with the tight, cramped quarters of these ancient tunnels.

Just as one door was being opened for Detective Joe Blogs by a cheeky butler, a second, secret door was being opened by the stealthy figure into a former workshop off the servants quarters that now served as a cluttered storage room.

The figure stepped from the darkness of the narrow passageway into the pale light of the day filtered by dusty curtains. The figure quickly shed the black hoodie , the black sweatpants, and the strange slippered black toe socks that served it so well in last nights work. The clothes lay piled up on a large white towel that would later serve to pick up the mess in one motion.

The figure stepped over the large wooded wardrobe that held the preferred costume for todays festivities and dressed quickly.

The towel on the ground was picked up, wrapped into a bundle and placed carefully in the hidden drawer of the wardrobe. The secret door formed by the paneling next to the great fire place in the chamber was slid carefully back into place before the fine dove skin gloves were removed and tossed into the drawer with the other work clothes. That drawer was carefully latched back into place.

The figure took one brief moment to look into the mirror. She smiled as she looked as ravishing as she had last night. Now only if her partner followed her instructions, then all of the work of the last ten years of her life would pay off in spades...but could she trust her partner?

She shrugged her shoulders and gave the coy, shy smile that she had practiced so many times before. The dice were cast, the winning score was yet to be determined.