Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Insert Title Here

Premiership football clubs who have spent millions on new players have already won a title, "Hey Big Spender".

New green version of Madness song Driving In My Car, "I go driving in my car, it wiped out the jaguar."

When Gordon Brown talks I can see his lips moving but can’t take anything in that he says. Even lip readers lose interest, and start focusing on his tie. People who do sign language start playing rock, scissors and stone.

Many people lost out on insurance policies when Enron collapsed, opposition leader David Cameron knows what it’s like to have no policies.

Michael Moores documentary on the American health care systems exposes that George Clooney is not going to be your doctor.

Laura Bush : First Blair and now Brown
George Bush : What?
Laura Bush : Another special relationship, whats a girl to think?
George Bush : You worry too much, I'm just brown nosing.
Laura Bush : Well OK I wouldn't worry so much but I remember you and camp David.