Monday, July 23, 2007


Gordon Brown has one fan at least, Aretha Franklin, 'the only man who ever loved me was... the son of a preacher man.'

The British government has banned Russian diplomats, you only get out what you putin.

After the BBC faked footage of the Queen, they have decided to come clean on a number of issues, BBC spokeswoman Meg Ryan, admitted the corporation was guilty of faking it, and came clean on a number of issues, "the moon landing, JFK assassination, and Dr Who is not actually a registered Doctor." Meg Ryan has a new film out, Deceitful In Seattle.

Floods in Britain means you can go fishing for Blu-Ray DVDs.

Tony Blair proposed to Cherie in a lav, its no wonder this country has gone down the toilet. Maybe Tony thought the engaged sign on the door was a hint.

Cruise : how ya doin Becks
Beckham : good thanks, I touched down in LA
Cruise : wow u only just arrived and you scored on the soccer field
Beckham : um no..

There is not much original music around, so many covers, more than Wimbledon this year.

Anyone who asks the quickest way to a mans heart should ask the steward at the javelin throwing contest.

With talk of doping in golf, two spectators were struck. A case of roid rage? Drugs might be par for the course.

Bush has had a semicolonoscopy to sort out his grammar.