Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Joe Blog's Interview #16 Ms Maggie Moo

Name : Maggie, aka: Mags
Age :30
Location : Connecticut
Vocation : Culinary Arts Student/Estimating Specialist
Philosophy : Bloom where you are planted.

Sum up what your blog is about for us.
Randomivity. A word I made up, but that's ok because it's my blog. I tell stories, write fiction and poetry, have weekly questions and give silly or inspirational observations about my life.

Why are you doing your blog?
I started my blog in secret, actually, over a year ago because the man I was dating was a blogger and I was curious. I've always loved writing and liked the idea of being a blank face in the Internet world, where I could vent...well, now everyone I know reads my blog,and so I have to be more careful.

How much would you sell your blog for?
The only reason I'd sell is because I could easily start a new blog. What would you pay for it?

Tell us a random funny story that comes to mind
Remember when we were little and we used to get "TeanBeat Magazine"? And they'd have people you could become pen pals with? This always seemed so cool to me, but you needed a picture. I didn't have one so I asked my mom. She flipped out and yelled at me and told me no. I later found out that she thought I asked her for a picture of myself so I could submit it to PENTHOUSE. Nice. I never did get to meet interesting people my age from around the globe.

Are there any blogs, you enjoy reading?
The people on my blogroll are mostly people who've been there from the beginning, and I read them daily-especially Greg from "We're Taking Bets That..."

Whats the funniest entry on your blog?
Oh. That's tough, mainly because I think things are funny when other people don't and when I write something serious, people tell me, "You are SO funny!" Whatev-but in my opinion, Tubers is pretty funny...but it's a personal story, so of course I think it's funny!

What is your writing style?
When I'm writing stories, I'd say I'm passionate and heartfelt but when I'm writing regular blog entries, I write like I talk. With the "So's, Um's andLike's..." I think that's why people like it.

Why should someone visit your site?
Because I'm human. I'm not some wanna be who tries to be trendy or hip. I'm just me. And me is pretty damn quirky.

What do people commonly say about your site?
People have said that I can paint pictures with my words and that they flow. I don't know about that, but I'm flattered. They also say I'm silly or, I think they used the word, "Crazy" a couple of times.

If you could recommend one website, what would it be and explain why (can't tbe your own website!)
If I can only choose one, I'd! It's a loophole, I know, but that's the beauty of it. Why? Because you can search for anything else with it of course!!

Tell us just one of your favourite actors, actress's,film, song, and comedian
I'm really bad at this. I don't know names of these people. Really. I'm not the girl for this. People are always like, "Name the band" or something like that, and I have to stare at them with a blank face. I like the song...but have NO IDEA who sings it! Sorry. See? This is me, NOT being a wanna be. Or something.

What would you wish for with 3 wishes?
1. To be debt free for the rest of my life
2. To find true love
3. To have a baby

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