Monday, January 29, 2007

Joe Blog's Interview #58 Talk To The Hand!

Name : Lee
Age : 38 (in February)
Location : Virginia
Vocation : Undecided.
Philosophy : "You can only be young once. But you can always be immature." Borrowed from Dave Barry

Sum up what your blog is about.
Stuff I like, stuff I don't like, my art, random crucifying of Tom Cruise…stuff. I'm quite unfocused.

Why are you doing your blog?
Cuz I needed a place to keep all my stuff?

What's the funniest entry on your blog?
Ummm….not sure. I liked this one:

What is your writing style?
I'd have to say "childish with a hint of juvenile." I'm also a big fan of run-on sentences. Is that a style?

How much would you sell your blog for?
Much less than you might imagine.

What do people commonly say about your site?
I bet you're funnier in person.

Why should someone visit your site?
To find out what an honest-to-the-gods ninja does with her day when she's not fulfilling her ninjanese duties.

Climate change is caused by man. Myth or reality?
Puuuhlease. We suck.

Are there any blogs, you enjoy reading?
Too many! So many that I frequently forget to do those every day things that people do to get through life, such as work, shower, do laundry, cook dinner, grocery shop, etc. Please see "Blogs that I Stalk" on the left-hand side.

What would you have written on your tombstone?
If I have a tombstone I am gonna be super-pissed in the way that only a ninja can and start believing in an after-life so that I can come back and haunt the crap outta the people who dared to put me in a little box in the cold, maggot-infested ground. Did I mention my love of the run-on sentence?

Would you go on a reality TV show?
God, no.

What one website would you recommend and why?
To be serious for a moment, I would recommend, a lighter look at the intense life of the ninja.

Tell us a random funny story that comes to mind.
The other day, I started a story (I swear I am not making this up) with, "I'll never forget the time that…" and I forgot the rest of the sentence. I never remembered what I would never forget. I am profound. Or maybe I'm profoundly retarded. One of those.

Had any supernatural experiences?
As a goddess myself, I AM a supernatural experience. I don't have 'em, I give 'em.

What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?
I would of sat myself down, looked myself right in the eye and said, "Honey, take your ex-husband to the cleaners. Don't be so nice. He is going to remarry and lose his effing mind."

Can you tell us a joke?
No, but I can cut and paste with the best of them:

Tell us just one of your favourite actors, actresses, comedian, song and film.
I really like Amelie, that French flick, but I wouldn't say that girl is my favorite actress and I don't know if she's even got a song. Heck, I don't even know her name. I can only name my least favorite actor, Tom Cruise and I especially dislike his version of War of the Worlds movie. He is a creepy warlock and he must be stopped.

What's the most incredible thing that's ever happened to you?
No way I can narrow it down to one. I've lived a charmed life. Becoming a mother is pretty far up there and certainly the most life changing.

And finally, what would you wish for with 3 wishes?
Can't. Do. It. So. Exhausted. From. All. These. Questions. Head. Owie. Oh. My. Head.

Now it's your turn! Ask me one question, anything you like.
Okay, if you were miraculously turned into a female for the day, what would you do first?

Joe Blogs : Have a good look in the mirror.

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